Why Bartend?

A Recession Proof Career

In just 2 short weeks you can be making an excellent income in a San Antonio Restaurant, Bar, or Nightclub

Bartending in San Antonio can be difficult to get into if you don't have the proper training or if you try to go it alone. Over the past 14 years the demand for well trained bartenders has skyrocketed. Managers and owners find it much easier to hire someone that is already prepared and has their certification. It saves them time and money.

Bartending Courses

Our Premiere Mixology Course

Exactly what is the difference between a bartender and a mixologist? Almost anyone can be a bartender, open a beer, pour a jack and coke. To be a Mixologist you have to know more than the basics.

TABC Training Class

TABC certification is not required by state law to bartend or serve, but it is highly recommended. The State of Texas offers "Safe Harbor" to liquor establishments that are cited for a violation if all of their staff are TABC Certified.


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